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Control panel demo

The control panel is the face of every web hosting company. Extreme Hosting uses a custom built control panel especially designed for our system. We find all other web hosting control panels not flexible enough, so we have built our own one. To best fit our system and your requirements. We strive to keep things simple so they are easier to use. New features are often added so stick with the news section for updates. Extreme Hosting's control panel not only offers full control over all aspects of your hosting account, it also lets you manage your website files through the built-in file manager system and read and write e-mails via webmail.
 Compatible with all common browsers, our control panel lets you escape from industry forced control panels provided by several well known providers. Please click on the link below for a fully functional demo of our control panel.

Main control panel features

  • resource usage statistics
  • webalizer website statistics
  • integrated billing system
  • easy upgrade options
  • integrated support ticketing system
  • database manager
  • web based file manager
  • web based e-mail reader
  • protected directories manager
  • custom error pages manager
  • FrontPage manager
  • log file manager
  • domain parking
  • PHP MyAdmin
  • FTP accounts manager
  • subdomain manager
  • e-mail manager
  • e-mail filters
  • free formmail scripts
  • free counters

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