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Network Architecture

  Sago Networks prides itself on having built a solid, redundant network; and can thus offer greater than 99% uptimes. All this is achieved through a simple and scalable architecture. In the Tampa facility, numerous connections to the Internet backbone are managed. (utilizing the BGPv4 to transmit route information). All connections to the Internet backbone carriers are gigabit (or greater) over divergent optical paths to the two local "teleco hotels" (metropolitan peering points for telecommunications carriers). Internally, redundant routing paths are provided through extensive use of OSPFv2 (RFC 2328).
  All core routers are Cisco 12000 Gigabit Switch Routers, which is the router of choice for most major Internet backbone carriers. The switching core employs the Cisco Catalyst 6509 multilayer switch, providing up to 400Mpps(Million packets per second)/720Gbps(Gigabits per second) of switching fabric. Distribution switches within the datacenter are Cisco Catalyst 3550 series multilayer switches, which connect Cisco Catalyst 5513 access switches to the core network.
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