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Environmental system

  Because of the the balmy Florida climate, Sago has designed an extensive and fully redundant HVAC system to ensure equipment is kept cool and running at its full potential. The facility's current power specification is 900 watts per square foot at capacity. HVAC systems are installed in commissioned space to support a full 51.3BTU per square foot per minute. Computer Rooms are air conditioned by units from three manufacturers: AirFlow, Liebert, and Stulz. Additionally, house air in the data center space is provided by two 90-ton Trane air handlers.

 20 ton AirFlow Units

  By far the most advanced of the CRAC systems, the AirFlow offer the type of precision analysis of air and environmental quality that until very recently was only detectable by professionals with manual instruments. The four units in the facility are strategically located to allow Sago crew to monitor over 18 environmental factors 24/7 in the Network Operations Center.

 20 ton Liebert Units

  Long considered the workhorse of data centers nationwide, the Lieberts support multi-fan condensers and two separate 10 ton compressors, allowing one to fail and the other to continue operating.

 30 ton Stulz Units

  Each 15 foot long units features two 15 ton compressors and, most impressively, two separate 6,500 CFM blowers. Each unit also connects to two separate 3 fan condensers providing the most redundancy available in the CRAC marketplace.

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