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 Network architecture

 Power system

 Environmental system


Power supply system

  The power system at Sago's Tampa facility is designed from the ground up to ensure continuous power availability for every mission critical system.. Designed at an incredible capacity of 900 watts per square foot, the system includes better than N+2 redundancy at every failure point. Fed by 13,200 VAC, the system features 480, 277, 208, 120, and 115 VAC availability anyplace in the Data Center.

 Utility Feed

  Provided by Tampa Electric Co., the primary feeds consist of:

    - 4,000 amps @ 13,200 VAC
    - 4,000 amps @ 13,200 VAC (redundant)
    - 4,000 amps @ 480 VAC (house feed)

 Distribution switch gear

  Sago's primary AC Power Plant is fed by state-of-the-art Cutler Hammer Molded Case Breakers and Square D enclosures. Each of the distribution breakers, which weigh approximately 300lbs each, is monitored via SNMP. Through this system, the NOC personnel are continuously aware of items such as phase shifts, harmonics problems, heat and more. The distribution switch gear features a failsafe Manual Transfer Switch, also controllable via SNMP, which allows manual switch over to generator power or make a critical bypass of the UPS systems all together in the event of a catastrophic failure of all redundant systems.

 AC power plant

  Five Separate 800 kVA MGE EPS 6000 Series UPS Systems run in an independent 3+2 redundancy configuration. While this is by far the most expensive route in ensuring continuously availability, it is also the most reliable. Each of the three primary UPS systems outputs, through a massive 2,000 amp static transfer switch and critical bypass system, power to the end-user distribution system. Each of the 2,000 amp static transfer switches is, in turn, connected to "UPS Module Redundant #1". In the event of the failure of any of the primary UPSs, UPS Module Redundant #1 can seamlessly, without any interruption of power, begin supplying power to the end-user distribution system. Each of the MGE UPS systems is controllable via SNMP over a network connection and will proactively report any irregularity in operations. The devices are so sensitive that they will report the power and harmonics variation associated with powering up a full rack of servers at the same time.

 Battery backup system

  Battery backup for the MGE UPS system includes 1,250 gel cell Yuasa DDS series batteries, which are configured in five independent strings each running in series at 600 volts each. Each legacy UPS also connects to two independent dry cell battery strings.


  With paralleling gear supporting up to nine separate generators, there are currently two Caterpillar 1,500kw engines running as N+1. Two more GENERAC 2,000kw Mitsubishi Engines are being designed for installation Q2 2004. Each generator has its own belly storage tank and features manually cross pumps for redistributing fuel. There is also a secondary underground fuel reserve for use by any generator. Total storage is currently 15,000 gallons.

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