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What settings should I use for reading/writing e-mail with Outlook?

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 Please find below the correct settings to be used for Outlook for reading a writing e-mail messages:

- pop3 server: < your_domain_name > ( this should be your domain name hosted, for example: "" )
- pop3 port number: 110
- pop3 username: < > (where this is actually your mailbox address. It is important to include both the username and domain part, for example "")
- pop3 password: < your_password >

- smtp server: < your_domain_name >
- smtp port number: 25
- no username, password or encryption should be used for the smtp server.

 In order to be able to send out a message using the SMTP server, first please check any of your mailboxes on the server and then you will have a 15 minute "window" for sending out messages.

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