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Category: Pre-sales questions

Articles in this category:

 Do you offer a webmail client?5819
 Are there any setup fees?5697
 I have my own domain name. Can I use it with Extreme Hosting?5333
 Where are your servers located?5162
 Do you offer domain name registrations?4866
 Do you provide hosting for TGP sites?2356
 Do you backup data? How often?2162
 What is your connectivity?2088
 Is there a money back guarantee?2053
 Is adult content allowed?1905
 What type of control panel do you offer?1882
 Can I retrieve my e-mails using Outlook?1848
 Do you offer ID Protection for domain name registrations?1812
 Can I pay monthly?1806
 If I register a domain name with Extreme Hosting, who is the actual owner of the domain name?1781
 I have a domain name with a specific TLD, can I host it?1778
 What happens if I use all of my monthly bandwidth?1766
 Do you attach any automated charges to my credit card?1734
 I have a charity non-profit website. Can I get free hosting?1732
 Can I upgrade/downgrade my account as my needs change? Are there any charges?1660
 Are accounts activated instantly?1611

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