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Bonus Hosting packages

As a compliment we offer a special selection of hidden hosting packages that can be unlocked and available for purchase for a certain period of time. Please read below what you should know before unlocking the hidden hosting packages section.

What you should know before unlocking the HIDDEN hosting packages

 Before you unlock our HIDDEN hosting packages, please keep in mind that they will only be available for purchase for a certain amount of time. This period is set to one hour. Once this period expires the HIDDEN packages will be permanently locked for you and you will no longer be able to buy any of them. You can keep track of the time left using the counter in the website header.

Can I come back to buy later?

 This exclusive offer is valid for one hour only for each visitor. You can come back and buy later only if it is within one hour after you have unlocked the HIDDEN packages. If you come back after your one hour has expired you will no longer be able to unlock the hidden packages.

Can I purchase more than one HIDDEN hosting package?

 Yes, you can buy as many accounts as you wish as long as you do it in the one hour period. Once this period is over you will not be able to buy a HIDDEN hosting package.

* The HIDDEN hosting packages offer is available to new customers only and cannot be used as an upgrade option for existing clients.
* The HIDDEN hosting packages offer is copyrighted by Extreme Hosting and may not be reproduced in any way without permission.

HIDDEN packages status

Status: Locked

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