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  Data Center

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Dual Quad Core 2.5GHZ Xeons
fast SCSI RAID mirrored hot swappable hard disks
daily backup to a remote server
Dual 10/100Mbps NICs
forced air cooling

  In order to maintain high quality services Extreme Hosting uses cutting edge technology hosting servers. To achieve a maximum uptime machines are monitored 24/7 by our administrators and monitoring software from several distinct locations. Built by specialists using latest technologies, our machines are designed to handle high server loads and traffic peaks. Backup servers are always available to ensure proper functionality of the entire network.

Server Security

Here at Extreme Hosting, a combination of SNORT and global network sniffing is used to track down and eliminate abusive network traffic. This could be anything from a new trojan, SQL injection attack, or botnet. When this malicious traffic is detected on the network, a block is automatically placed across the entire network against the attacker to ensure that their efforts are thwarted. This provides your websites the best opportunity at being protected at the provider-level.
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